Do you have a bachelor’s degree but want to further your 教育 and advance your career? Enroll in a graduate program at Carthage. We offer master’s degree programs and certifications in a variety of fields.

We also offer dual-degree programs for students pursuing a bachelor’s and a master’s degree — allowing you to earn your graduate degree and enter the workforce quicker.


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Carthage offers master’s degree programs in the exciting and impactful fields of athletic training, 教育, 业务设计与创新, 产品管理, 体育管理, and music/musical theatre vocal pedagogy.



The Master of 艺术 in 体育训练 program is designed to develop academic competence, 循证实践, and clinical reasoning skills through a sequence of didactic, 实验室, 以及临床经验.

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Students gather for a demonstration during an athletic training class.


The 教育学硕士 classes enable teachers to keep abreast of current issues relating to 教育, 比如特殊教育, 英语学习者, 课程, 政府, 以及体育在教育中的领导作用.


An 教育 student works in a classroom at KTEC school in 出赛.

Master of Science in Business — Design and 创新

比MBA课程更有针对性, Carthage’s Master of Science in Business — Design and 创新 program was built with input from top industry leaders in business. Learn from instructors with industry expertise, and graduate with skills that align with hiring needs.


Professor Carter Rockhill teaching a Master of Science in Business course.

Master of Science in Business — 体育管理

Learn effective management strategies through the lens of sports. Carthage’s Master of Science in Business — 体育管理 track was developed with input from senior executives in professional basketball, 曲棍球, 棒球, 和电子.


Master of Business in 体育管理s students at the Xcel Energy Center, home of the Minnesot...


There is a growing need for skilled product managers who understand the unique challenges and opportunities in manufacturing. The program has been developed by experienced professors and industry professionals who have decades of 产品管理 experience.

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Students in the 产品管理 program in a classroom.

Master of 音乐: 音乐 Pedagogy and 音乐 Theatre Vocal Pedagogy

Programs in music pedagogy focus on practical performance strategies as well as the theories and research that inform how we perform. Whether your goal is to perform or to teach, a pedagogy degree will provide the necessary tools to engage musically, 在艺术上, 和智力上.


Master of 音乐 students and faculty rehearse in the Recital Hall.

Carthage offers certifications for accelerated teaching and 产品管理. 完成认证后, students have the option to continue the program and receive a master’s degree.


Carthage’s HYFLEX ACT program guides anyone with a bachelor’s degree to become a licensed teacher at the middle and high school levels or K-12 for special 教育.

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A Carthage 教育 professor demonstrates teaching techniques in a classroom.


The 产品管理 Certificate for Manufactured Goods program provides practical knowledge and skills. 专注于制成品, you’ll gain an understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by product managers.

More about the 产品管理认证

Product management students in a classroom.

In addition to the master’s degree programs listed above, Carthage offers the following dual-degree programs with partner institutions. Students enroll in these programs as undergraduates at Carthage, completing 3-4 full years at Carthage before moving on to the partner institution.

脊椎按摩疗法 — 4+3 Doctor of 脊椎按摩疗法 program with Logan University

工程 — 3+2 programs with Case Western Reserve University or Washington University in St. 路易

职业治疗 — 3+2 program with Washington University in St. 路易

药店 — 3+3 program with the Medical College of Wisconsin

药店 — 3+4 program with Rosalind Franklin University

公共卫生 — 4+1 program with Medical College of Wisconsin

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Have you started your graduate program, but life got in the way? Completed coursework but never finished? Now is the perfect time to finish earning your graduate degree.

Depending on the admission policy of the program, a student may be allowed credit for work completed at the graduate level before enrolling at Carthage. The applicant must provide official transcripts documenting the completed work and the grades obtained for this work. These grades must meet the Carthage admission standards.