The sun rises over the Hamar Patio on the Carthage campus.
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$100 million campaign seeks to deliver a radiant future for Carthage students

In Slavic folklore, the Firebird burns with flames so bright that it lights up its surroundings — and a single feather from the bird will stay alight with the same magic.

While the Firebird team name is new to Carthage, the College’s long and storied legacy has always held this promise: That every Carthaginian will carry the fire, 为他们的社区带来知识, sharing their talents and skills for the benefit of those around them, and illuminating in their own way their corner of the world.

本着这种精神, Carthage has embarked on a $100 million comprehensive fundraising campaign, laying out an ambitious plan to secure the resources, 导师, and programs students need to shine in the years to come.

Your gift will ensure that Carthage will continue to brighten the lives of future Carthaginians, 以及他们所接触到的所有人的生命. 今天用你的礼物支持我们的学生 好叫他们也成为 传播的光.

Carthage has embarked on a $100 million campaign.



“Carthage graduates are the leaders and practical heroes of our time: the ones others seek out for solutions, 依赖于指导, 并坚持到底. The time has come to spread our light further. Your philanthropic support will immediately accelerate Carthage’s journey.”

——全球十大赌钱排行app学院校长约翰. 吞下


活动的目标 & 优先级

A 2023 全球十大赌钱排行app graduate beams as she leaves the Commencement stage after receiving her d...

运动优先次序. 1

奖学金 & 其他财政援助


让你的光… transform the lives of future Firebirds through scholarships, 其他财政援助, 以及资助的实习机会.

Members of the 全球十大赌钱排行app Microgravity Team conduct research aboard NASA'S零g飞机.

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让你的光… spur the creation of innovative new programs that will solidify Carthage’s standing as a top choice for career-minded students and growth-minded employers in our region and around the world.

A student conducts summer research on zebrafish with 全球十大赌钱排行app Professor Andrea Henle.

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让你的光… ensure the enduring promise of a Carthage education, to provide a transformative liberal arts education that uncovers and ignites our students’ true potential as they prepare for work and service in the world.


“My scholarships not only gave me the opportunity to attend Carthage, but to excel at Carthage. They allowed me to focus more of my time on academics and extracurriculars, 而不是为了交学费而工作. I am so grateful to our generous Carthage donors.”

——Jillian Arbeiter, 23岁
Jillian graduated in May 2023 with a triple major in management, 市场营销, 和金融, 辅修西班牙语. 在她毕业前十个月, she had already lined up a full-time job as a human resources business partner coordinator for Kohls.

Concert-goers at the annual Carthage Christmas Festival participate in the Service of Light in Si...


The commitment and generosity of many Carthage alumni, 朋友, and supporters have helped create a remarkable institution. The results are evident in the increased quality of our students, 教师, and facilities; the impact Carthage has on our region; and our rising regional and national reputation. With your help, we will continue on this trajectory.